Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beer Review: Orval Trappist Ale

Beer: Orval Trappist Ale

Country:  Belgium

ABV: 6.9%

Color/Appearance: Pale orange, light caramel color. Hazy from the yeast that escapes the bottle. Thick and creamy off-white head.

Aroma: Nose is extremely fruity! Noticeable amounts of apricot and plum like characteristics. Hint of citrus, only slightly, with earthy hops forming the background.

Taste: The first sip is almost of a pleasant tart apple, easy on the sweet side, more towards the dry side. The light to medium mouthfeel carries a smooth fruit character. A little spice rolls along my palate and the earthy hops are evident, but maintain a low profile. The flavor profile in this ale is definitely more about the yeast. A nice dry, fruity profile with a mild take, possibly, from cider.

I'm not too much in to the Belgian beer scene, if you will, but every once in a while a good Trappist or Abbey ale is just what the doctor ordered. This one doesn't disappoint, and it is a nice beer to enjoy anytime of the year. I recommend letting the beer sit for a few minutes out of the fridge before opening to let some of the chill wear off. The flavors present themselves better as it sits in your glass at room temperature. As mine sits longer and mellows, I notice some aromas that could be related to white wine. If you don't have an Orval goblet, I suggest serving in a wine glass with a larger, wider bulb shape. Either way, open and enjoy.



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