Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hop Monkey I.P.A.

Hop Monkey I.P.A.
Laurelwood Brewpub
Portland, Oregon
22 ounce bottle
ABV: Unknown

Appearance: pours a straight amber color with a slightly off-white head, about one inch thick. Carbonation appears low-medium and a light lacing coats the inside.

Aroma: a nice bouquet of citrus and floral hops on the nose are immediately backed by a moderate malt sweetness, nutty and toffee like in character. Perhaps some good earthiness to it as well.

Taste / mouthfeel: light to moderate bitterness and citrusy. Malt is a tad sweeter than I anticipated, but the beer is quite old, maybe close to a year. The balance is still pleasant on the palate, telling me that the Hop Monkey has held up pretty well. The mouthfeel, to me, comes off as creamy, mildly spicy, smooth, and medium body. The finish is moderately sweet with a light bitterness that lingers. That suits me!

All in all, a solid IPA from Laurelwood. For a beer that is likely pushing a year old (purchased in November 2010) it has held up pretty well. It still has a nice complexity of hop and malt flavors. I should have had this beer fresh when I was at PDX not long ago, as I did indeed, pay a visit to the new establishment inside the Horizon terminal at Portland International Airport. Regardless, I enjoyed this bomber of India Pale Ale and will be visiting Portland again soon. Cheers!

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