Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Tap: Warriors' Wit

Warriors' Wit, my version of a Belgian style Witbier.

Ah yes, as you can see this is the latest and greatest from the SMC Home Brewery. I teamed up with my brother in law and brewed this just over a month ago, mainly for my wife, who enjoys wheat beers such as this one. The name I chose for this brew comes from my days in the Marine Corps, as most of the names I come up with do. That's what Marines are, Warriors from the sea! I couldn't think of a better name than this. Besides, I dedicate this to all who, in the past and present, are slugging it out to maintain our way of life and that is about freedom! So on with a little review.

I brewed this low alcohol beer specifically for the summertime. It can get hot here in the Temecula Valley and this Belgian style Witbier really tastes great on a hot summer afternoon. When you pour a pint from the tap you will right away notice that the beer is of a slightly darker color than most Witbiers and also the strong cinnamon notes when you put your nose to it. I threw in cinnamon sticks, fresh grated orange peel and ground coriander in with the beer during primary fermentation for about 12 days. The orange peel is also very noticeable and seems to mix well with the cinnamon. The best way I can describe it when you take your first swig is that it has a slight spiciness up front and finishes with a semi-bitter yet mildly sweet aftertaste. It really is refreshing and is loaded with flavor without any off-flavors. This one might be a regular summer beer around this household. Check out the recipe here:



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