Monday, August 31, 2009

Brew Review: Pseudo IPA

Pseudo IPA
by Pizza Port San Clemente.

My wife and I started our date night on Saturday by stopping by Pizza Port in San Clemente for some great pizza and beer. We don't make it out there as often as we would like, but when we do we always make it a point to stop here and hang out for a bit and enjoy a beer or two. They always have a fine selection of house and guest brews to choose from, usually in the strong category! I started off with the beer you see in the picture, Pseudo IPA. I didn't have to put my nose to close to the glass to get that wonderful piny scent to my nose. That piny aroma in IPA's just gives you that crisp, clean feeling right through your senses and you can't wait to take that first drink off the top of the glass. This beer had a very nice bitterness up front and a subtle malt character, not to mention a beautiful pale orange hue to it as well. This is pretty much how I like my IPA. This beer is definitely not lacking any hop character and is in very good standing as a West Coast IPA. The weather was quite warm too, so it made it that much better and got our night off to a very good start!



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