Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brew review: Firehouse IPA

Firehouse India Pale Ale
San Diego, CA.
Tasting glass: oval tulip
ABV: 5.9%

Being a hophead I didn't hesitate to pick up a six-pack of this IPA when I saw it on the shelf at my local market. It is brewed locally, so I always lean towards supporting my local breweries first, especially when it is one I have not yet had. For an IPA it is slightly lower in alcohol than your typical 6-7 percent range IPA. The artwork on the label I found pretty cool. Sketched in the background is an old world map with an English ship shown as if it were sailing from England to India. I was met with a crisp swish like sound as I broke the seal of the cap and began to pour this nice pale orange color of a beer into my glass. The head formed quickly and has a bright white foamy appearance about an inch thick. Right a way I was met with those wonderful aromas, so typical in an American IPA. Better yet, a west coast IPA from San Diego! The nose is chocked full of pine, grapefruit and fresh flowers. There is a noticeable amount of malt flavors in the aroma, but not necessarily sweet, more like a nutty malt flavor. The taste, as I take the first sip, is quite balanced. The big hop character is evident right as it hits the tongue, but quickly balances out nicely with that nutty malt flavor. Judging from the thick lacing of the head around the glass you can tell that this brew is crafted with a lot TLC. I don't have any particular rating system, so for now I'll just give a rating of a "Must have"! Because of the lower volume of alcohol, this will be a nice beer to have around the house during those hot summer days!



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