Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beer Review: Monkeyhead Porter, a homebrew.

Bottled on 12/28/2010
5.2% ABV

A collaborative beer brewed by Sturgess, Montgomery & Crawford. Our mash efficiency wasn't very good because of time constraints and ended up having to rush the sparge. The beer, however, turned out mighty tasty nonetheless. Click on the title link above to view the recipe.

Color / Appearance: Pours a nice flat black color, opaque! A rich looking creamy off-white head forms, about a finger tip in height. Lacing is thick, but slowly erodes down the glass.

Aroma: Raisin and chocolate notes are abundant on the nose. Hop aroma is faint and carries a fruity, herbal like makeup.

Taste: Chocolate, chocolate, and touches of raisin. Chocolate dominates the palate with notes of raisin and a slight coffee roast character. Mouthfeel is medium body and finishes a little dryer with a nice earthy character. Rich, chocolaty and smooth!

This is a collaborative beer brewed on Thanksgiving weekend, 2010, by three homebrewers/beer geeks who share a common passion for craft beer.


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  1. I really appreciated the review. Thanks for sharing. I'm really looking forward to tasting the brew. It was a blast to make.