Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wreck the Halls Winter Ale

Wreck the Halls Winter Ale
Full Sail Brewing Co.
Hood River, OR
6.5% ABV
68 IBU's

Color / Appearance: Darker amber color, nearing ruby or copper like appearance. About a one finger head forms, somewhat off-white and creamy.

Aroma: Tons of citrus fruit on the nose, I would say a mix of grapefruit and orange. Also a touch of earthiness. Also has a rich candy caramel malt aroma as well, but the hops are the tip of the spear in the smell.

Taste: Medium body and creamy on the palate. Citrus hops right away up front- obviously a generous amount of centennial hops are used, but the sweet candy malt balances quickly. Again, an earthy character follows on the finish, slightly bitter, but enjoyable.

Wreck the Halls is a combination of IPA and your typical winter warmer, which is usually more malty. It's a bit of a different type of winter warmer and I'm beginning to see more of these hybrid types of winter ales on the shelf.  Another example of the style is Bi-Frost from Elysian, both solid beers in my opinion.


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