Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brew Review: Rogue Mocha Porter

Mocha Porter
Rogue Ales

Porter happens to be one of my favorite styles of beer and I would say it is in my personal top three styles of beer. This Mocha Porter you see to the right is from Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon. I have had this once before quite a few years ago and I didn't remember too much about it, so I decided to add this to my mix and match 6-pack I picked up from a place called Total Wine and more.
When I popped the cap off and began pouring into my pint glass a nice creamy, off-white head began to form quickley as I filled up the glass. I tilted the glass to the left and right a couple of times and the foam from the head laced nicely up against the glass. The nose had a slight coffee roast note to it and a hint of burnt chocolate. When it comes to Porters, I don't get to caught up in how the aroma is, but more importantly the taste. Aroma for me, is more important in IPA's and some Belgian style beers. When I took the first sip I definitely got what I expected in the taste. It had a nice bitter, almost espresso like, roast flavor to it, but not harsh. The mouthfeel to me was somewhat smooth and full bodied. I did notice a hint of mocha at the finish and no bitterness, or sweet flavors. The overall flavor was well balanced with hops and that nice roasted malt character. Nothing overbearing about this porter, just a nice smooth and easy drinking beer. I would recommended it to anyone who is seeking to try a darker, full flavored ale for the first time.



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