Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beer Review: Rustic Rye IPA

Rustic Rye IPA
Bootleggers Brewery
Fullerton, CA
6.2% ABV

Appearance / Color:  Pours a deep golden to copper color with a bright white, rocky head. The foam was quite thick at first, but seemed to settle fairly quickly while leaving a nice thick lacing around the glass. It remains firm with no signs of disappearing and has a very clean appearance overall!
Aroma:  I could smell the hops right from the get go. As soon as I popped the cap, my nose right away picked up the scent of fresh flowers. A quick swirl of the beer released fresh floral and resiny notes that are very pleasant to the nose, as an IPA should be. A couple more swirls and the aroma became more of a mix of floral and earthy scents. It really seems to linger, too, unlike some IPA's I have had in the past where the aroma tends to disappear as the beer sits longer and warms. Nothing overpowering about it, but certainly pleasant.

Taste / Mouthfeel:  Well the bottle says it finishes with a crisp hop bite, but I get that right at the beginning! A sharp piney and earthy like bitterness as it splashes my palate. The hops are dominant, but again, not overpowering, just very much at the forefront of this beer. Malty sweetness is light and stays in the background as the hop character remains center stage throughout. Finishes dry with a mild spice note- probably from the rye malt- and that clean, crisp hop bite as confirmed on the bottle!

Check out Bootleggers website for event information- If you live in or are visiting the Southern California area, you may want to drop by the brewery sometime in Fullerton, CA. In the OC! I hear some of the food trucks that they have lined up on Friday and Saturday nights are simply outstanding, and I don't mean roach coach type food either! I have been told that some of the food trucks are quite gourmet and unique, depending on the featured beer. Regardless, great beer always pairs well with great food!


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